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Salamander-Hybrid by SwitchHarpie Salamander-Hybrid :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 1 5 Twilight Angel by SwitchHarpie Twilight Angel :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 0 7 Dusk Angel by SwitchHarpie Dusk Angel :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 1 10 Midnight Angel by SwitchHarpie Midnight Angel :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 3 21 Something in the Garden by SwitchHarpie Something in the Garden :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 0 7 Angelica Angel by SwitchHarpie Angelica Angel :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 1 12 Faerie Hunting by SwitchHarpie Faerie Hunting :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 1 4 Waiting in the Dark by SwitchHarpie Waiting in the Dark :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 1 19 Fire Faerie by SwitchHarpie Fire Faerie :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 2 12 Pixie in the Backroom by SwitchHarpie Pixie in the Backroom :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 0 15 Scruffy Kitty by SwitchHarpie Scruffy Kitty :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 4 7 SwitchHarpieID by SwitchHarpie SwitchHarpieID :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 0 4
She waves at me,
I wave as well,
She looks so distant, inside bad dreams,
And in my eyes tears swell.
Her smile is grave,
And so is mine,
Anythings that she might crave,
I want for all of time.
She walks away,
I turn my back,
She leaves the room, but I must stay,
Knowing she won't come back.
I wait and wait,
As reflections do,
But it is not my fate,
To live life full and true.
I'm wracked with pain,
It won't susbside,
Deep down I know I'm not the same,
I know we must have died.
:iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 2 6
No Longer Real
He looks just as he used to
A few weeks past
Walking in the shadows
Of a world made of light
Whispering his secrets
Waiting fo me to answer
I brush away the moisture
In the corner of my eye
And ignore the smiling face
He reaches out to me
I brace myself for the contact
But it never comes
I look for him
Though he is no longer there
I call his name
Though he cannot reply
I hope he comes back
Though he doesn't
I should forget him
Move on with my life
But it is impossible
When he haunts my steps
And doesn't go away
Thinking of him
I find myself at his grave
laying flowers
To make amends
With someone who is no longer real
:iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 0 5
After Life
I've met them before, I feel it in my bones,
That deep in the darkness I'm not alone.
The cry and they weep at my deathbed,
No matter how much I tell them that I'm not truly dead.
Why can't they feel me when in my embrace?
Or hear me whisper, "I'm here, it's okay."
I pat their hands and brush their tears,
I comfort and console despite my own fears.
My heart says I love them and have all my 'life,
But when I try to remember, my memories denied.
They're distant and faded like the waning of the sun,
And something inside says they've ended and I have begun.
So I turn from the phantoms of what used to be,
And forget what my heart says that they meant to me.
I look to the shadows, my back to the light,
And wait to be given what comes after life.
:iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 0 8
Dragon Sketch by SwitchHarpie Dragon Sketch :iconswitchharpie:SwitchHarpie 0 13



United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: My Parents(they may raise my allowance cause of this)
Favourite style of art: Photomanipulation
Operating System: XP
Personal Quote: I'm not pointing fingers, but she did it! *runs away*
I'm sorry to disappoint various DA members but I'm back on the DA after a large break due to.... a certain situation.

I intend to criticize like never before!!!!!
(or I would if I were that kind of person)

Anyway, sorry if I've ignored some deviations but 789 is alot to go through. (even for a self proclaimed genius)


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